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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Carnival of Strange

Like most single women, Liz is looking for Mr. Right. But her luck hasn't been great - she has always fared like Goldilocks: forever finding men that are too cold or too hot, too hard or too soft. Not to mention too young.

Then her friend introduces her to one that seems just right. In addition to being wildly attractive, there’s just something about him; he is irrepressible, possessing an indefinable joie de vivre, an almost childlike zest for life and the world around him.
But he is also decidedly odd. He’s fascinated with even the simplest machinery. He avoids chemicals in his food, but refuses to be called a hippie. He has an almost miraculous green thumb, but nature stories bore him he loves the city. He has a universal difficulty with plastic packaging. He has trouble remembering how many brothers and sisters he has. And other weird things even more undefinable.

Liz attempts to reconcile all these strange quirks to no avail. He seems so perfect, but she can’t stop herself from thinking that he’s just too good to be true. When the cable tv goes out on Christmas Eve, he decides to entertain her with an outlandish story, one that encompasses far larger ideas than just his own life and situation. How much of his explanation should she believe? How much of it will she accept? For an excerpt, please go to

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