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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wiley Royce, by LM Foster
It’s 2033, and Wiley Royce, almost nineteen, thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. He can resurrect your wet cell phone, fix your busted tablet or laptop. No electronic problem is too difficult for Wiley, be it hardware or software. He can cure that virus, make the rolling on your TV cease, and free your computer from its endless, preparing automatic repair loop. All for a price, of course.
He also has a mouth on him, and his derision is universal. He says outrageous things about everyone, big, tall, and small. It doesn’t matter to Wiley. The rude stuff he says about his lovely female classmates has been known to turn brothers into vengeful brutes.
Because of his unkind wit, he hasn't got a friend to his name, and even though he isn’t a bad-looking guy, especially for an electronics geek, nobody has heard of him ever having a date. The girls don’t like him. He's just too insulting.
Regardless of the ladies' enmity, Wiley thinks he's come up with the solution to the problem that's puzzled mankind for centuries. The study of it is his hobby, mostly because he doesn’t have much else to do. He's given it a great deal of thought. Wiley thinks he's figured out what women want.
Nate used to be a big man on campus, but since he quit the football team, he finds himself without a girlfriend, and the butt of his old teammates' scorn. They go out of their way, as a matter of fact, to call him chicken and quitter and loser. So much for the understanding of his peers.
When Wiley repairs his crippled cell phone, Nate's not really sure how to take him and his arrogance. But then Wiley clues him to a little information about the girl he's had a thing for since grade school, and almost (but not quite) against his will, Nate allows himself to get sucked into Wiley's world of all-seeing webcams and invaded electronics.
For an excerpt, go to Wiley Royce Excerpt

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